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The Stage truck is a very heavy trailer, weighing over 25 tonnes. With this in mind, it is strongly advised that it is placed on hard standing surfaces. Putting it on the grass can be considered problematic and may cause damage to the grass (especially if it rains during the event) Please advise us beforehand, if it must go on grass and we can look at this further
The Stage Truck has wiring built in where possible, which allows cable management to be as simple and safe as possible. There is an onboard diesel generator, but as this is obviously the single point of failure in any event, and is in close proximity to the stage (meaning it will be heard). We strongly advise that the Stage Truck is hooked up to any events mains power. If this is not possible, then we can provide the hire of a silent running, diesel generator for a competitive price
Yes it does! It has two rooms, one either side of the stage. If you are likely to need exclusive use of these then please let us know in advance, as we often use them for storage regularly. However we will accommodate if we can. It may be better to setup some gazebos or a marquee behind the stage (we can also help provide this)
Security of the stage, and people that work on it, are considered the responsibility of the event organisers for the event. We recommend that you hire in some crowd barriers to put around the stage, and have stewards and security there where needed. We can help you organise this if you require it through our contacts
We will usually bring a team of 4 people on the day (names can be provided beforehand if needed for access and accreditation). These people will come along and build the stage beforehand, with one person staying on site during the event to be ‘on call’. At the end of the day, usually the four same people will come back and de-rig the stage.
Each team of 4 will be led by a crew chief, who will ensure that the stage is built and ready for use by the client. Anyone that comes along to build the stage, will be familiar with how it all goes together, and will be trained and inducted by us beforehand
Yes of course, we can provide RAMS for every part of the stage that requires it (for example the canopy, hydraulic arms, the stage itself). Please ask for what you need in advance of the event
The stage comes with a black drape rail at the back, that can either provide a nice black back drop, or can be moved to the side for easy access

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