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The Stage Truck is a full size articulated trailer weighing 25 tonnes. It is best suited to hard standing but can be used on grass if the surface is very firm.
The Stage Truck has connections for single and three phase power inputs from an external source. There is also an onboard 40kva diesel generator as a back up if needed. The Stage Truck has internal wiring to all areas allowing for safe and simple cable management.
The Stage Truck has a store room and seated team room, one at either end. There is also a full width black curtain that creates a backstage walk way that is moved to one side for easy access.
Security of the Stage Truck and people that work on it are considered the responsibility of the event organisers. You will need to hire security fencing and crowd barriers to put around the Stage Truck.
We normally bring a team of four people on the day with a supervisor remaining on call. At the end of the event the team will pack down the stage.
We can provide you with the documentation for every part of the Stage Truck that requires it.
We can supply a full event package including sound, lighting and AV through our partners if you require it.

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