This video that captures the story of the first 30 years of Miracle Street from 1987 to 2017 in less that two minutes! It contains just a few of our memories and some of the key moments in this amazing adventure that God has taken us on together.

Miracle Street began on the streets of the south of England and then grew to include mobile stage vehicles, trucks, a portable stage and many partnerships with churches across in towns and cities who have stood with us to reach their communities with the Gospel. Below are the storyboards of the key stages in this great adventure.

Miracle Street began as Steve sensed God calling him to declare the Gospel in the open air back in the 1980's. The challenge in those early years was how to reach people on shopping precincts and high streets who would never go near a church.
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As the work and the team expanded we began to wrestle with the challenge of driving the vision forward and taking the Gospel beyond the streets to other outdoor locations. Parks, housing estates and beaches required a purpose-built vehicle. We took delivery of the versatile, seven seater mobile stage in the year 2000 and began to travel the country communicating the Gospel in every imaginable environment.
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In 2001 we imported a unique portable church from Canada following it's 4,000 mile coast to coast tour. The Bandwagon comprised of four trucks from a scrapyard in Vancouver with bleacher seating from a demolished school. We hauled the Bandwagon from place to place until it was scrapped for the second time but the stories of transformed lives both sides of the Atlantic are eternal.
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in 2015, a door opened for us into Calais at the time of the devastating migrant crisis in France. We took the decision to create a full-time base in the Calais Jungle migrant camp enabling us to support thousands of people in partnership with UK churches.

Throughout our time in Calais, we connected electrical power from our big event trailer into medical centres and food outlets, partnered with a Dutch IT company to provide wifi internet, protected many unaccompanied young people and supported a refugee church. Here's the video diary of our unforgettable journey inside the Calais Jungle.

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