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Ultimate Centenary
2018 marks the centenary of the Armistice that ended World War One. With the passing of the last surviving veteran 5 years ago that terrible conflict passed from living memory into history. Old ideas of chivalry, glory and short-lived battles were trampled in the mud of the Western Front as millions of ordinary men died among the rats, the explosions and the disease. In 1,568 days 28 nations fought each other, four great dynasties were ended and the 20th century was defined. While all this was going on several other world changing events unfolded. The Spanish Flu affected 500 million people, crushing class barriers began to collapse and women were finally given the right to vote. Sickness, elitism and injustice, three themes that Jesus seemed to have a lot to say about!

Throughout this coming year I’ll be presenting the Gospel of Jesus via my 5 minute Big Story films that have already reached tens of thousands of people. We’ll be filming at some of the most famous First World War battle sites from Passchendaele to Vimy Ridge and Verdun to the Somme bringing many of these important stories and themes to life and connecting people to the Gospel of Jesus.

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