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The Day Death Died
I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that this coming weekend is Easter. I’ll be speaking at Central Hall Southampton on Sunday as part of New Community Church’s Easter Celebrations. We are all hoping it will be a pack out with many there who are not overly sure what they think about this whole Jesus thing!

One of the stories I’ll be telling the people on Sunday is something I heard on television about 15 years ago. Arsene Wenger, the manager of Arsenal Football Club had just seen his team win convincingly over the Christmas period leaving the Gunners several points clear at the top of the league. Perhaps it is worth saying that it hasn’t happened since, or perhaps not? The interviewer said “Arsene, you must be delighted to be top of the league at Christmas with the title within reach?” Wenger’s reply was brilliant, “Christmas is important, but Easter is decisive!” I clocked it immediately and have never forgotten it. No doubt many of my fellow footie fans reading this will now remember it too!

Wenger was talking about football of course but, without knowing it, he said something earth shattering. The first Easter Sunday was the decisive moment in human history, an absolute gamechanger for all of us. It was the day when Jesus the Messiah hung on a convict’s cross for the totality of the human wreckage and wrongdoing that separates us from a Father who loves us. But if it all ended there then death has the final word, but it doesn’t end there. Jesus is not dead he is alive. He rose to life, smashing the power of death into a billion pieces providing limitless life to anyone who will humble themselves and receive him.  Easter Sunday is a great deal more than the centrepiece to a Bank Holiday weekend. It is the Day Death Died!

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