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The Air Raid
“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few” The timeless words of Winston Churchill in tribute to the daring young pilots of RAF Fighter Command who took to the skies during the long hot summer of 1940.  This week Ken Wilkinson one of the very last of the ‘The Few’ passed away just shy of his 100th birthday.

My mum once told me about the day the air raid siren went off during a maths lesson at her school in Worthing, were I grew up. The town was on a flight path for the waves of German bombers as they crossed the south coast en route to London. On that particular day in 1941, the Spitfires went up from RAF Tangmere near Chichester to engage the fighter escort and the infamous ‘dogfights’ ensued over the Sussex Downs. With all the children in her class under the reinforced tables, my mum remembered the moment the window came in and broken glass was strewn everywhere. As the all clear sounded they stood to see the strafe of bullets across the blackboard. The teacher clapped her hands, told the children to sit down, the caretaker came in with a broom and the lesson continued. It’s almost unbelievable that young people experienced such danger and then went on to live normal lives. Mum was in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force after the war so her run in with a couple of fighter planes didn’t put her off!

A few years before her lifetime of adventure, generosity and kindness to others came to a close my mum experienced the love of God for herself. She connected with this deep well of joy that flows from the cross on which Jesus died that we might all know a father in Heaven. Finally she had that inner peace from knowing Jesus as saviour. It is a wonderful thing to know that despite the scrapes, conflicts and battles we all face, there is one who has gone through it all and sits at the right hand of God waiting to welcome us home when our life’s journey is done. Never in human history was so much owed by so many to one man!

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