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Rush Of Wind
Windrush bound for London. One young man left Jamaica with three requests from his mother. “When you arrive in England” she said “Find a Post Office to write to me, find a welcoming church to thank God for your new home and find a friend to walk by your side” He wrote back a few weeks after his arrival with these words “Dear Mum, I’ve found a Post Office”

This year is the 70th anniversary of the year the Windrush docked in England and the 50th anniversary of the infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech by Enoch Powell. As far as I am concerned it was a poisonous and self-fulfilling prediction that caused great suspicion and condemn multitudes of decent people to years of suspicion, fear, rejection and abuse with no justification.
Thank God that the rising generations in the UK listen to a different moral soundtrack. There is reason for great optimism that teenagers like mine and my wife’s will live in a society that condemns all forms of racism and shames the very notion that previous generations permitted and even endorsed the idea that skin colour defines value.

Many years ago Billy Graham held one of his Gospel campaigns in South Africa during the burning heat of apartheid. As he entered the auditorium on the first night he found the venue was segregated ‘Whites and Blacks’ The enraged evangelist personally tore down the barriers that divided the people causing the head usher to resign in protest. He spoke to the media that afternoon and said, “I refuse to address a segregated audience. Christianity is neither a white nor black religion and Christ belongs to all of us”

The name ‘Windrush’ references the ‘rush of wind’ depicted in the Bible when the Holy Spirit blew through a group of Jesus’ disciples following his crucifixion, resurrection and ascension back to Heaven. That windrush was to blow the Gospel across the world in the centuries that followed. A Gospel that unites all people everywhere who are loved by the same Father and that is where the answer is found. Everything we need to solve the world’s problems is found in the two great works of God, the work of the cross and the work of the Holy Spirit.

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