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Lost In France
A couple of years ago, God opened a door for us as the devastating effects of the migrant crisis in France took hold. We made the decision to locate our Stage Truck onto the Calais Jungle migrant camp to support thousands of people in very practical ways in partnership with UK churches, businesses and individuals.

Here's the video diary of our unforgettable journey inside the Calais Jungle.

I told the Miracle Street supporters at the time that I felt hundreds of displaced people would soon be present in other port towns across Northern France. And so, I was not surprised to read in the news this week that Ouistreham, the port town of Caen is the latest hotspot. Just like in Calais, some are causing trouble but most are just desperate and isolated having fled appalling situations in their homelands.

I remember going through the Channel Tunnel early in 2016 and being pulled over by a high ranking police officer. I had a conversation with him about life inside the Calais Jungle. He asked my opinion on the plight of the young especially. He keen to know my motivation for deploying the resources of a Christian charity in a place where the vast majority of residents were not sympathetic to Christianity. I told him that Jesus was rejected by many and yet was always found standing alongside those who had been pushed around and abused. I also told him that people really matter to God whatever they believe and wherever they have come from. The politics are complex, of course, but everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.

In December 2015 a BBC television producer phoned me about creating a Christmas Service on the Calais Jungle and wanted to know what I thought. I said that getting Calais Jungle residents to sing ‘Hark the Herald’ may not be overly authentic! I suggested making a documentary inside the camp retelling the life of Jesus, the refugee. Christ told people that he had nowhere to lay his head and that he had come not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many. The idea wasn’t taken up by the BBC but I’m grateful I got to share something of the heart of God for the destitute with a police officer and a TV producer. Whatever is coming in terms of a new migrant crisis in France, I believe the church of Jesus Christ is uniquely placed to provide some of the answers and meet some of the needs.

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