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Jesus Self Isolates
Close to the start of the epic Jesus story, he goes into self-isolation for six weeks. It wasn’t because he was infected with a virus or in some kind of high risk group, it was all part of the divine plan to prepare him for what was coming. Jesus is stripped of everything associated with comfortable human existence, no shelter, no food and no human interaction. But more significant than what is happening on the stage is the spiritually charged backcloth to this Jesus drama.

A shield of Heaven’s protection is placed over him while the powers of hell itself are unleashed. A clash of two kingdoms then breaks out around the Son of God. On one side a kingdom of light and love and on the other a kingdom of hate and lies. It is a powerful precursor to the battle that would follow Jesus for the next three years. After 40 days and nights in the wilderness, he emerges from that battlefield of temptation and trauma. Three years and many encounters later, he would ultimately strip the devil of his powers on the cross.

The church has a tradition called Lent that resonates strongly with this wilderness experience that Jesus endued. Actually we are coming to the final couple weeks of that period for 2020. It is interesting that so many people around the world are currently self-isolating in their homes, although not with the same levels of discomfort that Jesus went through. Whether this period will be over by April 9th
t, 40 days from now or many months the parallel is fascinating. At the end of his self-isolation the miraculous ministry of Jesus detonated on the streets and the rest, as they say, is history. We have a tremendous challenge ahead of us but also an invitation, perhaps, to get ready for what is to come and get rid of the things in our lives that we are better off without. It is also a time, I believe, for the Gospel to be proclaimed over the Internet like never before.

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