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God In A Box
Even a fleeting glimpse at the Bible reveals a God will not be domesticated by people, continually refusing to follow their rules or live in their boxes. Jesus himself crossed boundaries with no apparent regard for religious traditions venturing into forbidden places both culturally and geographically.

On the day of Pentecost Peter stood up before a Jewish audience numbering several thousand and told them a new day had dawned. Jesus had died, risen again after three days and had now returned to Heaven. The Holy Spirit had come and was about to be poured out on all people. One that day, these devout Jews learned that God had broken loose from the confines of a religious system and now everyone was being invited in. This Gospel of the Kingdom was about to be proclaimed to every tribe, culture, tongue and race. We are all included in on the great plan of God to fill the earth with his glory, justice and presence.

God does not belong to a particular type of person, he is the God the human race. He sent his son for us all and so the cross of Jesus Christ is the ultimate leveller. It is the place where we realise we are profoundly lost and desperately in need of a saviour to save us. Jesus is that saviour, he is the Light of the World and the Hope of the Nations.

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