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Destiny Calling
Lionel Messi, winner of football’s Ballon d’or five times was told as a kid that he was far too small to be any good. Iconic Basketball player Michael Jordan was voted the NBA’s Most Valuable Player several times but failed to get picked for his school team. Michael Phelps, winner of 23 Olympic gold medals for swimming used to be terrified of going into the water!

Once there was a boy called Sparky. It wasn't his real name, it was just the name the other kids gave him because he was not very gifted in the brains department. He hated the nickname but couldn’t shake it off. School was difficult and he held the record for being the worst student in his school for decades. The one thing he did well was drawing, he loved cartoons and created his own characters. When he was 15 he submitted some of his cartoons for the school magazine and they were rejected but he kept on drawing for himself even if no one else wanted to see his work.

Sparky spent hours dreaming about being an animator and when he left school he wrote a letter to Disney Studios asking about the possibility of a job. He received a reply and was asked to send in a humorous cartoon of a man repairing a Grandfather clock by shoving the springs back inside. He drew the cartoon and posted it off with some of his other drawings. He waited for the reply that eventually came with the disappointing news he had expected, another set back.

In a way he thought his life was kind of funny. He tried telling his own story in his cartoons, a boy who always lost, a chronic under achiever. That cartoon character is now famous all over the world. The young artist whose work was rejected, not only by Walt Disney but also by his own school magazine was Charles Monroe Schultz. He is the creator of Snoopy, the Peanuts comic strip and Charlie Brown the little boy whose kite would never fly. The Peanuts Empire was sold 10 years ago £150 million and Shultz's name appears alongside Walt Disney's in the Hollywood Hall of Fame.

I have it all planned out, plans to take care of you and plans to give you the future you hope for" (Jeremiah 29:11 The Bible)

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