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Auschwitz 75
75 years ago, on January 27th 1945, Soviet soldiers raided an isolated complex in southern Poland and liberated 6,000 captives, most of whom were dying. The entire free world was suddenly confronted with the reality of what had been going on. The word ‘Auschwitz’ would become synonymous with the Holocaust. Of the six million Jews who were killed in World War Two, over a million of them perished in the chilling gas chambers of Auschwitz.

The systematic extermination of such a vast number of European Jews, along with other groups deemed unworthy to live, is undoubtedly one of the very worst stains on human history. A crime on such a vast scale plunged mankind to previously unfathomed depths of depravity. I’ve often wondered what it was about the Jewish people that made them such a target for hatred?

The history of this remarkable people is recorded in the Bible and also God’s relentless pursuit of their affection and faithfulness. When Jesus came, the divine covenant between God and Israel was extended to the Gentile, or non-Jewish world. This does not mean that God has forgotten Israel, simply that everyone else has been included in on the promise of eternal life in relationship with the one true God.


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