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As The Bishop Said To The Actress
What a moment it was when an English Army boy married an American actress in a castle, they became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and we were all invited. Harry and Meghan’s wedding was a moment when the Top Brass of the British establishment made way for diversity of every kind. I have to admit to watching spellbound as Bishop Michael Curry delivered a message on the magnificent Gospel of love that is for all people everywhere.

I did a rough calculation on the probable size of the Bishop’s audience. I reckon that in 14 minutes he reached 10 times more people with the message of Jesus than Billy Graham did in 68 years of live evangelistic events. My hunch is that no one would have been more thrilled about that than the great man himself.

As the world reacted to Michael Curry’s memorable presentation, the news and Social Media streams across the world began to record the feedback. I noticed two camps emerging, although I’m certain there were many more. On one side were swathes of people who expressed the sentiment that if church was like that they would be more inclined to visit. On the other side were those who were either offended that the guy even spoke at all, or those who pointed out Michael Curry’s theological position on a number of contentious issues. What I witnessed was the Gospel of Jesus touching the very ends of the earth through live media possibly for the first time in that way. The sheer magnitude of that fact relegates the doctrinal forensics to a place of near irrelevance in my opinion.

In the 1950’s Rev Billy Graham was criticised for several choices he made and views he expressed about embracing those of different traditions. The millions who responded to his ‘straight down the line’ invitation to become followers of Jesus made their own choices at a later date which camp they aligned themselves with, if any. My prayer is that the millions, probably billions, who heard Bishop Michael Curry’s words will have them ringing in their ears for a very long time and that many of them will understand how deeply loved they are by a Father in Heaven who stopped at nothing to reconcile them to himself through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus his Son.

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