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April Fools
Last Sunday April 1st, was a landmark in more ways than one. Primarily it was Resurrection Day, the singular most important day in the year. It was also April Fools the day of hoaxes and practical jokes. So what connects these two events? The Bible says that Christians are the biggest fools in the world if Christ has not risen from the dead. The day that Jesus disarmed the power of death is historical and it’s the absolute game changer for all of us. That’s the reason my whole life’s work is dedicated to making known the central truth that Jesus is not dead, he is alive!

Throughout this year I’ll be keeping a close eye on the 1918 Centenary. It provides such a poignant backdrop to many of the themes around the Gospel. That’s why our wartime past is something so close to my heart. In November we are working alongside a large church to create a Remembrance Sunday event on the 100th anniversary of the Armistice. It will be a huge moment I believe and a massive opportunity to communicate Jesus, the only hope for lasting peace.

Sunday April 1st 2018 was also huge for a third reason, it marked the centenary of the formation of the Royal Air Force at the end of a war that had introduced war in the sky for the first time. The history of the RAF is a story to behold that’s for certain. For 100 years that awe inspiring wing of our Armed Forces has kept the skies protected from aerial threats at home and abroad.

The Christian life is all about a spiritual war waged in heavenly places but fought on the battlefields of people’s lives. The Bible describes the Devil as the ‘prince of the power of the air’ When Jesus went to the cross he fought an aerial battle and defeated the Devil’s power. It means we live our lives beneath a canopy of God’s love, grace and forgiveness without fear, intimidation or dread. Anyone who chooses to love God as a follower of Jesus is no fool!

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