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By All Means
70 years ago this week Billy Graham began the Greater Los Angeles Revival meetings in a 6,000 seater tent on the corner of Hill Street and Washington Boulevard.
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One Giant Leap
I remember being glued to our black and white telly as a 5 year old boy watching the Apollo 11 moon landing 50 years ago in July 1969.
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Say It Like It Is
This is a real plaque on a real bench in a London park! It’s so funny because it catches people unaware and has a shock factor that most of us quite like.
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Saved To Serve
Last Sunday, I was privileged to be at an exclusive event in Portsmouth Dockyard marking the 75th Anniversary of D-Day.
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Forget Easter?
Dr John Sentamu, football fan and Archbishop, said this on Easter Sunday a few years ago:
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Brexit Flags
I’ve spent my life in the accounts of World War Two and its impact on our nation. One of the things you notice over and over again is the profound sense of ‘pulling together’
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Incubator Or Fridge?
“God never intended the church to be a refrigerator for preserving perishable self-righteousness he intended it to be an incubator for hatching new Christians”
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Stolen Identity
I recently made the uncomfortable discovery that someone went shopping before Christmas and then billed me for it.
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Below The Waterline
A year or so ago an apple tree fell in our back garden. It was a strange sight to see a healthy tree laden with fruit laying on the ground
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January Blues
New Year, a moment of celebration followed by a month of determined effort to keep the promises we’ve made to ourselves.
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The origins of a great deal of what we do this time of year has its roots not in Christianity but in Paganism.
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100 Years Of Remembrance
November 11th 2018 was the Centenary of the day the guns fell silent on the Western Front and the Great War came to an end.
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Time & Eternity
Some say “Carpe Diem, seize the day, live the dream”. For others, life is a titanic struggle and the temptation to wish it all away is very real I guess.
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The Master Locksmith
By 1920, Harry Houdini had gained a global reputation for escaping from handcuffs, chains and even the cells of Scotland Yard.
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The Posh & The Poor
A couple of weeks ago a storm of controversy blew up in Oxford as the local council resurfaced an upmarket section of a residential street, leaving the poorer part untouched.
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Lost In France
A couple of years ago, God opened a door for us as the devastating effects of the migrant crisis in France took hold.
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Bridge To Life
There’s a famous bridge that spans the mighty Kwai Yai River 170 miles from Bangkok. Prisoners of war died in huge numbers during its construction.
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The Barnum Of The Pulpit
In 1920’s America, Aimee Semple McPherson was the ‘Barnum of the Pulpit’ It was said that Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga and Madonna all put together were not what Aimee was back then.
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Knowing The Author
150 years ago, there was a famous actor who travelled England with his open-air show of drama, poetry and readings.
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Houdini's Jailbreak
100 years ago Harry Houdini boasted to the American Press that nothing could keep him captive against his well. The challenge went something like this.
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Rush Of Wind
Windrush bound for London. One young man left Jamaica with three requests from his mother. “When you arrive in England” she said “Find a Post Office to write to me
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April Fools
Last Sunday April 1st, was a landmark in more ways than one. Primarily it was Resurrection Day, the singular most important day in the year.
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The Day Death Died
I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that this coming weekend is Easter. I’ll be speaking at Central Hall Southampton on Sunday as part of New Community Church’s Easter Celebrations.
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The Lidless Coffin
Many have asked me over the years what first inspired me to use unusual props and visual aids to illustrate the message of Jesus.
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Passing Of A Hero
Over the last few days I’ve read and heard so many tributes to Billy Graham who stepped into eternity last week in his 100th year of life.
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Hidden Shame
I get asked many questions about Jesus doing what I do. This is probably the most frequent, “If God loves us why doesn’t he help us?”
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Destiny Calling
Lionel Messi, winner of football’s Ballon d’or five times was told as a kid that he was far too small to be any good.

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