Pointe du Hoc in Normandy, is just a few miles from Bloody Omaha Beach where so many Americans lost their lives on June 6th 1944, known simply as D-Day. In the build up to that historical event a colossal aerial bombardment turned that place into something that resembles the surface of the moon. Some people's lives are battle scarred, others feel they are being carpet bombed by their circumstances. And into the chaos of human devastation Jesus said “My peace I give to you” It’s a peace the world cannot understand.

The cliff top is the scene of one of the the most heroic operations on D-Day. It’s flanked either side by the two American landing beaches, both in range of the coastal guns photographed by Allied aerial reconnaissance. 70,000 assault troops were one hour away from landing on this coastline and the guns had to be silenced. The deadly operation fell to the elite troops of the 2nd and 5th US Ranger Battalions.

It necessitated scaling the 100 ft cliff with rocket propelled ropes and grappling hooks launched from ten British landing craft that were busy navigating the submerged rocks at the base of the cliff. By the time the ropes were fired from the assault boats at 7am on D-Day, 50 of the Rangers had already drowned. Another 50 then fell to their deaths or succumbed to sniper fire from the German defenders. 2,000 years ago Jesus embarked on a mission to free humanity from the grip of a terrible evil, what evil people ask? Well, the Bible says that our independence from God has created separation and death. That's why there is bomb damage in our lives and that's why Jesus died on the cross to rescue us.

On reaching the top of the cliff, the Rangers uncovered a catastrophic error in the intelligence, the guns were no longer there. The training, the planning, the risk and ultimately the sacrifice was for nothing. Over 100 elite troops at the very top of their game were lost, a terrible price for wrong information. Sometimes our lives are built on flawed intelligence, misplaced trust and misguided foundations. When Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life” it wasn’t always popular. Same as today, people back then didn’t like the idea that there was only one way and one truth, didn’t seem all that tolerant.

Jesus spent a lot of time confronting religious lies. Lies about the nature of God’s heart towards us and lies about what is really important in life. He said the first shall be the last and if you want to find true life you have to be born again by the Spirit of God. Becoming a follower of Jesus is the moment we trade flawed intelligence for God’s truth and begin to walk free of the bomb damage and into a place of peace and restoration in relationship with him.

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