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On D-Day, June 6th 1944, an Allied invasion took place on the Normandy coast that established a bridgehead for freedom in Europe. Steve has made many visits to Normandy over the years in response to God's calling on us to follow the pathway of the PLUTO Pipeline and help fuel the work of the Gospel across Northern Europe. Steve's deep connection with the D-Day story also forms the basis of the Normandy24 programme.

We've been involved in many evangelistic and prayer initiatives in Normandy including two D-Day Anniversary Festivals on Juno Beach. It was incredible to stand at the Normandy Bridgehead and celebrate Jesus, the only hope for lasting peace.
We are deeply committed to this prophetic picture of a Pipe Line Under The Ocean from England to France to resource the spiritual liberation of Northern Europe. We know we can't do it alone and so everything that we do in France flows out of a shared journey and a coalition of people often from several different nations.

We have a long standing friendship and partnership with Francis and Diane Dognon, two amazing people who lead the La Source Network. The Dognon's moved up from Paris in 2004 to plant the first La Source church in Lisieux and are now busy planting more all across Normandy.

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In response to the catastrophic impact of the migrant crisis in Northern France and our deep resonanace with the PLUTO Pipeline story, we took the decision to take our stage truck onto the Calais Jungle Migrant Camp.

Alistaire Hoad stepped up and lived on the trailer for facilitating a full time base which enabled us to support thousands of people. Steve made countless visits to Calais and mobilised UK churches to get involved. Here is the video diary of our unforgettable journey among the displaced and forgotten of the Calais Jungle.