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When Steve met Justyn Rees from Upstream Christian Initiatives, they had just completed an inspirational five year coast to coast evangelistic tour of Canada from Vancouver to Newfoundland with the Bandwagon. This unique portable church was a kind of hybrid of a circus tent and a biblical tabernacle. The four trailers set up into a square with tiered seating on three sides facing the stage trailer providing space inside for 300 people. The old heavy goods trucks that made up the Bandwagon were recovered from a scrap yard and the wooden bleacher seating sections came from a high school gym in Vancouver that was demolished in the 1980's. When Upstream completed their adventure the Bandwagon was parked up on the Atlantic coast as the team flew three thousand miles back home to the Pacific coast.
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Steve saw the Bandwagon in a vision while in Italy in 1999 many months before he had heard of it. Only later was it clear that the timing of the vision and the completion of Upstream's journey matched exactly. What followed was a series of miraculous connections that saw the Bandwagon trailers leave Canada on a transport ship bound for Bristol's Avonmouth port. Then they were moved to Southampton and the refurbishment work began. The Miracle Street team began to use the Bandwagon a year later to reach communities with the love of God in various towns across the UK.
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In 2005 the Bandwagon changed hands once again and for several years it was the centrepiece to the massive Lark in the Park festival in Sidcup and Ramsgate, a joint churches project that Steve was involved in the formation of and visited for over 10 years. The Bandwagon has now been scrapped for a second time but the stories of transformed lives both sides of the Atlantic are eternal.
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