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Early Beginnings On The Streets

This whole thing started on the street as Steve began to sense God calling him to declare the Gospel in the open air back in 1987. The challenge in those early years was how to reach people on shopping precincts and high streets who would never go near a church.
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As the work and the team expanded we began to wrestle with the challenge of driving the vision forward and taking the Gospel beyond the streets to other outdoor locations. Parks, housing estates and beaches required a purpose-built vehicle. We took delivery of the versatile, seven seater Mobilestage in 2000 and began to travel the country communicating the Gospel in every imaginable environment.
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We imported a unique portable church from Canada following it's 4,000 mile coast to coast tour. The Bandwagon comprised of four trucks from a scrapyard in Vancouver with bleacher seating from a demolished school. We hauled the Bandwagon from place to place until it was scrapped for the second time but the stories of transformed lives both sides of the Atlantic are eternal.
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