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Lost In France

A couple of years ago, God opened a door for us as the devastating effects of the migrant crisis in France took hold. We made the decision to locate our Stage Truck onto the Calais Jungle migrant camp to support thousands of people in very practical ways in partnership with UK churches, businesses and individuals.
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The Barnum Of The Pulpit

In 1920’s America, Aimee Semple McPherson was the ‘Barnum of the Pulpit’ It was said that Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga and Madonna all put together were not what Aimee was back then. She baptised a baby Marilyn Monroe, gave John Wayne his first acting job and drew on her friendship with Charlie Chaplin to design stage sets.
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Knowing The Author

150 years ago, there was a famous actor who travelled England with his open-air show of drama, poetry and readings. At the end of his performance he would recite a very famous passage from the Bible, Psalm 23. One day a young lad who loved God was watching to the show on a Saturday afternoon and decided to come back in the evening to watch it again.
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Indoors, Outdoors & Online

I get asked a lot of questions doing what I do. There are the ones about monkeys and dinosaurs of course and there are the more painful ones about bereavement and suffering. I try to be honest when those questions are put to me on Alpha Courses, on the streets and at our Big Story events.
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Houdini's Jailbreak

100 years ago Harry Houdini boasted to the American Press that nothing could keep him captive against his well. The challenge went something like this. Houdini was secured in every available restraint and then bundled into a prison cell and the door locked behind him.
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As The Bishop Said To The Actress

What a moment it was when an English Army boy married an American actress in a castle, they became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and we were all invited. Harry and Meghan’s wedding was a moment when the Top Brass of the British establishment made way for diversity of every kind.
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Rush Of Wind

Windrush bound for London. One young man left Jamaica with three requests from his mother. “When you arrive in England” she said “Find a Post Office to write to me, find a welcoming church to thank God for your new home and find a friend to walk by your side” He wrote back a few weeks after his arrival with these words “Dear Mum, I’ve found a Post Office”
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Bridge To Life

There’s a famous bridge that spans the mighty Kwai Yai River 170 miles from Bangkok. Prisoners of war and forcibly recruited labourers died in huge numbers during its construction.The bridge footings either side of the river were cut into the rock faces. The men lowered themselves down on ropes, bored horizontally into the rock and planted dynamite charges into the holes.
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April Fools

Last Sunday April 1st, was a landmark in more ways than one. Primarily it was Resurrection Day, the singular most important day in the year. It was also April Fools the day of hoaxes and practical jokes. So what connects these two events? The Bible says that Christians are the biggest fools in the world if Christ has not risen from the dead. The day that Jesus disarmed the power of death is historical and it’s the absolute game changer for all of us.
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The Day Death Died

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that this coming weekend is Easter. I’ll be speaking at Central Hall Southampton on Sunday as part of New Community Church’s Easter Celebrations. We are all hoping it will be a pack out with many there who are not overly sure what they think about this whole Jesus thing!
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The Lidless Coffin

Many have asked me over the years what first inspired me to use unusual props and visual aids to illustrate the message of Jesus. The answer is a story I read when I was 20 of an outrageous 19th century Salvation Army evangelist called ‘Mad’ Harry Munn. I have prayed many times that God would use me in the way he used him. Here are some of the things he got up to!
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Passing Of A Hero

Over the last few days I’ve read and heard so many tributes to Billy Graham who stepped into eternity last week in his 100th year of life. He was described as the world’s pastor and a friend to kings, queens and presidents. Any attempt to define the impact of that one life, lived in service to God, would be impossible. The affect he had on the world is immeasurable and his legacy is incalculable.
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Hidden Shame

I get asked many questions about Jesus doing what I do. This is probably the most frequent, “If God loves us why doesn’t he help us?” It’s a very fair question and a little more honest than the ones about monkeys, fossils and dinosaurs. It’s a heartcry for an answer to the pain of the hurting and the confused. There’s an amazing story in the Bible that reveals something of the heart of God towards us.
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Destiny Calling

Lionel Messi, winner of football’s Ballon d’or five times was told as a kid that he was far too small to be any good. Iconic Basketball player Michael Jordan was voted the NBA’s Most Valuable Player several times but failed to get picked for his school team. Michael Phelps, winner of 23 Olympic gold medals for swimming used to be terrified of going into the water!
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The Air Raid

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few” The timeless words of Winston Churchill in tribute to the daring young pilots of RAF Fighter Command who took to the skies during the long hot summer of 1940.  
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Ultimate Centenary

2018 marks the centenary of the Armistice that ended World War One. With the passing of the last surviving veteran 5 years ago that terrible conflict passed from living memory into history.